Electric high security locks and locking systems

Maclock offer a huge range of high security and compliant electric locking solutions for every type of door and situation. Maclock specialise in the supply and installation of electric locks and finding electric lock solutions to both the banking sector, commercial sector, schools, colleges and hospitals along with industrial end users.

With Maclock electric locking solutions a higher level of secutiry and protection is reached. All our installations and public category locking solutions are suitable for EN1125 and EN179 fire rated doors. Locks can be used In day mode allowing free exit and access by pushing or pulling the door open and in night mode the door is locked from the outside but always allowing egress at all times from the inside. Emergency key over ride facilities can also be included in any of our installations and solutions.

Our range of electric locks are ideal for high traffic doors where access control is required but indication information or door automatics are not nessessary. We offer both motorised locks and solenoid locks in addition to motorised emergency exit hardware for emergency and panic escape doors.

Maclock electric locks and locking solutions are installed throughout cork and the south of Ireland. To find a solution to your needs call us.