Smart Locking

The way we live, work and move is continually evolving. At Maclock we understand that the secure and convenient movement of people is a challenge increasingly evident throughout the built environment.

We recognise the way we move and use todays smarter buildings is forevery evolving and that different people require different access times and entry points and nothing has shown us this clearer than Covid 19 and its effects on the way we use our work spaces and buildings.

With change comes the need for more agile security systems and locks. Systems that keep us safe, while keeping us moving. Data and connectivity that open new doors and make our every day lives simpler. The security challenges of our world never stand still but connecting software and building hardware under one security platform makes them easier to meet.

Organisations need a single, all-encompassing platform delivering convergence, integration and simplicity. It’s the role of Maclock to keep up and advise our clients of the best solutions to meet their needs. We also understand that when it comes to securing our clients doors, property and buildings, diversity is everything.