Push button combination lock

Push button mechanical and electronic locks are ideal for shops, offices and schools, store rooms, clubs etc where keys are not always carried. Open your door with a simple code. Our range of locks are suitable for both internal and external use. We supply and install several ranges of combination locks but we primarily sell lockey combination locks due to their extensive and rigourous testing making them the most reliable combination locks in the world.

Electronic combination locks can be set to work with different codes and where different codes only open the locks at certain times. Smart electronic combination locks allow you to set user schedules and review pin and or card access remotely. They can be stand alone installations for a single door or span multiple facilities and hundreds of doors with audit trail and much more. Such locks always allow free egress from the inside and eliminate the need for controlling, issuing, and collecting keys and cards but do not require hardwiring which adds greatly to any installation. They are run on a battery pack that is both long lasting and easy to change.